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Time Line


Nov. 7, 1949 Penny Born

Nov. 9, 1949 Mike Born

1949-1967 Penny grows up in the Sabini family

1949-1967 Mike grows up in the Strack family

Along the way they both develop unique talents

Spring 1967 They both graduate from high school

and are off to college...

Later that school year, they meet. As things develop, they meet the families.

Oct.11, 1969 they marry.

They honeymooned in Niagra Falls.

Their first apartment they lived in for a very short time, and their second apartment was for very short people...

Next, they upgraded to a trailer, in Waterford, NY...

...and before they knew it, on July 9, 1974, Julie was born. Next, was the house in Saratoga, complete with bats.

Mike went to work for IBM in Kingston, New York.

Jan.3 1979 Danny was born and then there were four.

A year and a half later, on Sept. 12, 1980 Eddy was born.

Raleigh, North Carolina, in the days before global-warming.

1984 Mike's job took the family to Beaconsfield, England. This gave us the great opportunity to be tourists a lot and see Europe!

While on home-leave from England, we spent a month living across from Granny one summer.

1986 Back to Raleigh, North Carolina

1993 Round Rock, Texas

1997 An adventure down under in Sydney, Australia

1999 Back to Round Rock, Texas

Oct.12 1999 Website Born


days since Penny's 50th birthday!

days since Mike's 50th birthday!!!!!!!!!

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