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Thoughts from Family Around the World...

Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary Mike & Penny! We hope you liked our singing. Not exactly Broadway material yet, but a couple of the members are getting there. We enjoyed reading everyone's comments and browsing through your lives. It's amazing how much more there is to learn about a person even after 37 years. It sure looks like you guys have had a model 30 years and we are glad to have shared many of those moments with you. We look forward to sharing many more! All our best! Love, Cindy, Manny, Orion, Halley & Hunter.

Best wishes and happy birthday on your 50th, Mike and Penny! - from Bill, Sandy, Suzette and Marsh.

"It is a storybook romance....  They were two smart kids who knew what they wanted and they did it. Thanks for the memories!"  - Vic Sabini

A few words from Granny

Mike & Penny, I certainly want to wish you old parents a happy "50th" birthday.  You sure are getting old !   I'm happy to be five or six years behind you.  Of course, I also want to wish you a happy 30th Wedding Anniversary.  My most vivid memory at the church portion of the Wedding Day was the 1969 World Series being played on the radio in the background. The New York Mets and the Baltimore Orioles.  When you look back over the 30 years you certainly hit home runs by having Julie, Danny, Eddie and Candy girl.  My biggest memory of you living in Saratoga Springs was
the 1975 night you appeared at our door (down the street) with Julie in arms and Penny crying. Somehow I knew as Mike & I walked down the very residential East Avenue, dressed in flack jackets, while carrying brooms, that the bat you had both seen, didn't have a chance.   There are, of course too many memories to describe but another is the trip I took over to London, England to visit you.  I was almost arrested for attempting to smuggle 75 boxes of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese into England.  They were even jammed into my gof clubs...  But I got them through....Do the kids still eat that stuff ????   And another, Mike, I'm not going to mention you driving Mom & Dad's car to Plattsburgh and back all night, just to see your girl friend.  It's a good thing you married her.     Wouldn't want Danny & Eddie to hear the story...........Might give them bad ideas !

Happy Birthday !  &  Happy Anniversary !    And many more for both of you...........       Marty



"The Boring Stracks #2 want to wish the Boring Strack's #1 Happy Birthday and a wonderful anniversary." - The Boring Stracks #1

Dear Mike and Penny,
Congratulations!  When I went to your wedding I never realized what a journey you were both beginning that day.  But I was only 10 at the time!  And 50 years old - you two are still just like a couple of teenagers. On your wedding day I don't think anyone could even imagine home computers, let alone an anniversary greeting in cyberspace, think of how the world has changed.  Look at how your lives have changed over the last 30 years, and how the world has grown.  On that day, did you picture 3 great adult children, your home as it is today, and all the great memories that you have now?   Today, as you read this, no one knows what the next 30 years will bring, but I know that they'll be as great as these last 30 have been.  Best wishes for many more years of fun!

     We would like to wish Aunt Penny and Uncle Mike a special congratulation on their grand celebrations.......


                     All our love, Vinai, Sue, Ashley and Kyle

Happy Anniversary from Colleen, Marie, Karen and Granny

You two are the best! Love, Julie

Happy Birthday you guys! Love, danny.

Have a wonderful birthday/anniversary. Love, Eddy


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