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It must have been fate.


Penelope Alef Sabini and Michael Anthony Strack- Mike and Penny Strack

Who just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in October
And celebrated their 50th birthdays in Nov.
(Penny on November 7th and Mike on November 9th)

In honor of the duel accomplishments of staying married for thirty years
and alive for fifty, we have created this Website celebrating their life together.

There is a timeline of their life, an extensive photo album,
and a online card where family members have left their stories and best wishes
And now there is a Strack Family Lineage Page. And coming soon, Sabini Lineage.


Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!!!!


Now that this site is up and running, it will be updated every couple of months by whomever has the time.
We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! 2000 baby


PhotosWorld Wide Well Wishes...Timeline
Peter StrackStracks

December 2001 photos